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People who are perhaps not trying the air cargo service very often may have two major assumptions. The first one is that air freight is very costly, and the second one is that air freight is just an easy form of service from the airport to some other for cargo with unique managing or short shelf life, such as silver, individual structure, body products, etc. Effectively, the clear answer is Sure and NO. Airfreight could be costly in some cases in different conditions, but it might also help you save money. You may also ship plenty of points by air, though it is normally needed for FMCG (Fast-Moving Client Goods) we can also find different kinds of cargo as well.

Air Cargo Services, Shipping Rates, and Charges

Airfreight is not just an easy service predicated on filling the needed things up to the speed of the airplane to achieve the location airport. You will find two major limbs of air freight services.

1. General Cargo

This kind of service is normally less in value compared to the Unique Shipment service. Transit time may be sometimes longer. For cargo to be categorized as “General Cargo”, it shouldn’t have any unique wants like temperature control or fast-moving for brief shelf life. Additionally, it should not be oversized or have strange dimensions (like overlength).

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Exemplary instances of General Shipment: Apparel (in boxes and palletized), Pcs and computer elements (no battery included), publications, etc.

2. Special Cargo

Things that come under this sort of service generally should be handled with care. The air freight invoice for this service is more compared to the normal cargo one. Some airlines are often skeptical about accepting specific commodities as it pertains to unique cargo service. Some of the cargo types that fall beneath the unique cargo class are :

Heat Controlled

That service is for those items that require to be located under a particular temperature because of the unique character of the cargo. Purchase fruits, veggies, medical packages, .. etc.

Dangerous/Hazardous Cargo

Few classes are slipping under harmful cargo. Some of those classes are flammable, poisonous, radioactive, intense, etc. These things should be stuffed precisely and loaded in a particular room in the airplane. Because of this, the rates are anticipated to be higher compared to the normal cargo. Especially in a traveler aircraft.


The service is usually used for pets. Delivery stay creatures (dogs, cats, turtles, .. etc.) requires a properly ventilated place and they should be put in the right crate that allows their comfortable stay throughout the flight. The charge is going to be based on the rechargeable weight of the crate (with your pet inside).

Human Remains/Tissues and Organs

When going individual stays and structure (or organs) it always requires unique management and packaging. In many cases, it will demand temperature control as well. Thus, the cost when transporting such things is very costly compared to normal cargo.

Cargo Air Designs

Additionally, there are two major kinds of cargo air designs :

Passenger Airplane (PAX): That airplane is more commercially used, airlines generally transport passengers with an area in the airplane for cargo as well. But, the cargo place within an airplane has things for filling; for example, the first concern concerns diplomatic send, then passengers’ luggage, then courier deliveries, and last comes the overall cargo. Therefore do not be surprised if your shipping was offloaded because of insufficient capacity even when you had a booking.

This is why it is advised in time-sensitive cases to request the price of thumb or rapid service and see if it will be a greater selection for you.

Cargo Just Airplane (CAO):
This type is only carrying freight. Several passengers were on board. Thus, it’s more flexible than PAX as it pertains to accepting cargo. However, it is very important to remember that CAO service is higher priced than PAX also when you ship normal freight.

In a few nations, such as the USA, there’s a classification indicating “known” and “unknown” shippers centered on the record of exporting. If the shipper is “Unknown”, air shipping is not adequate on PAX no matter what the information of the freight is.

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What Can Ship on Air Freight

General cargo could be delivered by air without any issues. Unique freight as classified early in the day could be accepted. But, there are items that you can not ship by individual airplane or even by air freight in general such as illegal goods, fireworks, dry ice (in large quantities), fire extinguishers, etc.

Interesting Facts About Air Freight

  • The first air freight flight to get position was in 1910. It carried 91 Kilograms (200 lbs) of silk from Dayton to Columbus, a range of about 200 km (125 miles).
  • The greatest freight airplane all over the world may be the Antonov AN-225 with a filling capacity of 250,000 kilograms (or 1,100 cubic meters)
  • Hong Kong may be the busiest international air freight airport in the world. It handled 4.8 million tons in 2019 (around 9% of the international average air freight per annum).
  • The world’s best flight carrying freight was 17 hours and fifteen minutes from Dubai, UAE to Auckland, New Zealand. Whilst the smallest air freight flight is in the Philippines, it lasts about 32 minutes between Cebu and Bacolod towns

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